The Last Really Good Shack 15

Now, the kitchen……

As you may recall, it was basically a haz mat site when we first entered the kitchen. There was one wall of cabinets on the north side of the room. This wall held the plumbing for the bathroom and laundry. The cabinets were 1/2 inch plywood, finished, four below and four upper. The counter top was 3/4 inch plywood covered in squares of orange, green and brown patterned linoleum. Yes, nasty. The counter was being held up by a galvinized pipe attached at the sink. And the cabinet doors had been scratched and chewed on by some animal. Lovely!
There was a refrigerator full of food that had been left to rot. I do not have a memory of what happened to that – it had to have gone to the giant debris pile in those days when I was still in tears. There was an old gas oven that we traded for work we had done and that was the space.
Bob, in those first days of demo, cut a pass thru from the kitchen into the dining room. This opened the room up to sunlight pouring thru the dining room windows from the south and east, changing the whole feel of the room.
After the many days of scrubbing, I felt we could use the cabinets without contracting some dread disease. So we added a counter top and new sink and bought a gorgeous new refrigerator. With the walls painted, the vinyl flooring and the new lighting fixtures, this was our kitchen for about 4 or 5 months. No oven, no stove, not many cabinets – we had my grandmother’s electric skillet, the microwave and our grill. Adventure in cooking! But we made it fine, just didn’t want grilled food for about 3 months once we installed our oven and stovetop.
Being a fortunate niece of a generous uncle, Bob and I got a call from my Uncle Jim, a contractor in Texas. He was redoing a kitchen and we could have all the cabinets he was taking out of the home. Eureka! Bob drove down that weekend and with a UHaul trailer, brought home our beautiful cabinets. They were lovely oak cabinets and
many different sizes. So we adjusted and figured and moved and changed until we were happy with the configuration. Now all we needed was something to cook on and in!
Then another fortuitous call this time from my Mom. She had bought us a double oven and stove top … at a garage sale! I know – great, huh! So one more trip to Texas that next weekend and we were ready to put together our kitchen.

There is more to this story – so until next time…….

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