The Last Really Good Shack 14

We weren’t as fortunate in the flooring on the main floor rooms. The original wood floors were long gone and replaced with plywood. The addition was concrete and not the most level floor you would ever see!
We chose to put commercial carpet in the living room and downstairs bedroom. I picked a medium gray low pile with a good pad underneath. It really helped with the warmth of the rooms and, with the white walls, was a fresh look. It immediately changed the whole feel of the rooms when the carpeting was installed. I could finally see where the furniture would be placed and how the house would flow.
As you might realize, there were no closets in the house. Upstairs, there was a walk thru closet between the bedrooms and that was the only closet in the house. So Bob built us a floor to ceiling closet across the interior wall in the downstairs bedroom. It gave us enough storage for linens and all those extra things that needed a place.
This bedroom became the guest suite. Once we moved furniture in the house, this room became one of the favorites. My great grandmothers bedroom set, painted green with painted flowers, was the star of the room.
The kitchen addition included what was to become the dining room and the laundry. We found vinyl flooring, white with gray accents, on clearance. And since we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with the flooring, we decided to put that on the floor until we decided. Well, I’m glad we like the flooring because it stayed, never to be changed.

I will tell you more about the kitchen in a new post – it really deserves a post of its own!

With each change and addition to the house, it became more and more ours. And we fell more and more in love with it.

To be continued…..

3 thoughts on “The Last Really Good Shack 14

  1. I totally understand what you mean about closets. The only 2 closets in the entire house were in the walls that we tore out and found the 2 fireplaces that had been hidden inside the walls. We are going to have to “calculate” for a couple of small closets for linens and brooms, etc., but will make one of the original “bedrooms” into a closet/on-suite/sitting room that will adjoin our master in this new floorplan. The closed-in back porch/laundry is being converted to a laundry room, mudroom and separate pantry, which will require some moving of walls and re-structuring/bump-out.

    I’m certainly enjoying catching up with your saga!!

    • Hi Deidra, Challenge it was – but became one of those homes and times in my life that changed everything for me. I am enjoying the stories about you and your sister – so funny and good! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a lovely day. Kathleen

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