The Last Really Good Shack 7

My mom came to visit us right after we purchased the property. Now by this time, she was used to her children doing all sorts of rash, strange things. Going off on tangents and choosing odd courses were behaviors that were not unknown to my brothers and me.
The house had been partially cleaned out – the aforementioned humungous pile of debris was already on the south side of the property when she saw the house for the first time. As I recall, there were still car parts and junk in the front yard. But the daffodils were still in bloom (like that would softened the blow of her daughter living in a shack!)

We were still in the starry eyed beginning of our relationship with the house. Our dreams were big and our imaginations were very creative – we could see how wonderful this would be.  The house was taking shape in our minds and we had very romantic ideas about our future life in this house.

So when we pulled in the drive with my mom, she was very quiet. Bob took her in the house and detailed all the work that had been done and what we were going to do in the next few weeks. We talked about the village, how quaint and charming, how everyone had been nice to us and there was a community library to boot. She walked around and listened to all our glowing descriptions without any reply.

Her only response to our wonderful purchase was “You can not allow your dad to see this until it is habitable – it will give him another heart attack!”

She left the next day, went home and told my dad that they needed to send us money to get the enormous debris pile hauled off. Which they did.

As a postscript to this post, I have to tell you that my dad loved this house and after he died, it became my mom’s ‘healing place’ as she called it. I am so happy to have those memories of my dad in the house.

until next time… to be continued…..



2 thoughts on “The Last Really Good Shack 7

  1. Aw! When my mom’s best friend saw “the Ranch” for the first time, she took one step in, sank a couple inches in the rotting floor, and peed her pants laughing so hard. She refused to go any farther. My dad has no remodeling skills, so the ranch might have been worse by the time my brother started living in it. He loved it. Men! Angie:)

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