The Last Really Good Shack 6

The architecture of the last really good shack was a common Ozarks type called the
“I-House”.  It had all the characteristics of the style – two full stories tall, an attic under a steep pitched roof, two rooms wide, one room deep with a central stair. This stair still had the original wood treads and risers, probably white oak. The stairs were very steep without any hand rail – which we never got around to adding – but that is another story.

The house was very symmetrical – the rooms were all equal size both downstairs and upstairs. The central chimney rose from the interior rooms, ran alongside the stairway into the attic, where it joined together to form the exterior chimney on the center of the roof.

At some point in the history of this house, an addition was built onto the back of the house, probably when the water was brought inside the house from the shallow well ( which by the way, had the BEST water I have ever tasted! and it was very shallow – learned pretty quickly how much laundry I could do without running out of water). We assume that maybe the indoor plumbing brought the bathroom indoors too but not sure when that had happened. This addition, with a peaked roof that jutted perpendicularly ( is that a word?) from the rear of the house, added a room at the top of the stairs ( where the mattress was located on our first trip into the house – see previous posts) and became the large kitchen on the first floor. On either side of the kitchen were two equal size rooms with shed roofs. One was the bathroom and laundry and the other was the first room we entered ( where the door fell in) and became our sunny and bright, well attended dining room.

The house sat well above the road about half way up the side of the ridge. The upper part of the acreage was half in meadow and half in trees, the trees were directly behind the house. Looking across the road, the house faced the counterpart to this ridge, where you could see to the top but not over the edge.

In my mind, I can see this view, so well loved, as if I could walk out my door now and be there.

Just wanted to give you an idea of the house and what it looked like. I will start the tales of the cleaning and painting and fixing and changing in the next posts.

to be continued……

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