The Last Really Good Shack 5

You have to understand that I am a city girl. Lived in a small town most of my growing up years, but lived in Dallas, Houston, St Louis, Denver and outside New York City. I loved cities – well, maybe not traffic – but it was all I knew.
So the prospect of moving to this house was a little Green Acres for me – not that bad- but you get my drift. I had these visions of the back to nature, earth mother, live off the land kinda thing. I could grow a garden, raise chickens, plant an orchard. I started buying the back to nature magazines, pouring over homesteading books from the library. I was catching Bob’s excitement about the house. This was going to be awesome!

And Bob started cleaning up the house. The previous couple of years, he had become friends with a group of young men, all probably 15 years younger than us, and they had a rock band, Fatal Charm. Great name for a band, isn’t it? Anyway, Bob started living his rock star fantasy and would work the lights at gigs for the band. And it is these guys that first came out to the house and started hauling the debris out to the side yard.

Bob would fill wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of nastiness and it would be dumped on the south side of the property just past the little well house.  Now the year was 1992, so the band, Fatal Charm, was an 80s hair band, long locks and spandex. And  hair was the guys pride and joy, to be primped and sprayed and admired. When Bob suggested that the easiest way to carry the carpet and mattress and every cootie infested thing in the house was to carry it on their shoulders, the revolt was almost complete. No way any of this dirty, filthy horribleness would come anywhere near a precious hair on their heads. It was hilarious.
But they soldiered on, holding everything as far away from their heads as humanly possible. Finally, the initial clean out was complete. And the pile on the south side of the property almost dwarfed the house.
With a burn permit from the county, the pile would be set ablaze and burn for days. Even after that, it took a hauling service 10 loads to haul the rest away.

So now, I could come back to see the house. With a great friend (and extraordinarily talented musician) Kevin Higdon, the work began to make this house, our home.

to be continued…..

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