Road Trip to Eureka Springs

We took off for a day to Eureka Springs, AR, on Saturday. It is only a little over an hour from our door, so it is a quick trip we can make when we have a day to run off.
Eureka Springs, for those who don’t know, is a charming little village in the Ozark hills of Northwest Arkansas. Tucked into the hollers and up the ridges of these hills are adorable Victorian cottages and large turn of the century hotels. It became the place to go for those in the know in the hot summers early in the 1900’s. The spring baths were thought to be theraputic for whatever ailed you.
Now, the cottages are bed and breakfast inns, art galleries or shops filled with clever and unique merchandise. Restaurants abound – some better than others – and our favorite is Sparkys. Not much to look at but great food and wonderful people.
We had lunch there on Saturday, then ran into a shop for hugs from a friend.
We continued onto Rogers, AR, to visit with old friends and watch a few minutes of their handsome son’s football game. They were ahead by 22 points when we left, so we feel pretty sure his team came out on top.
A dark drive home through the woods, watching for deer the whole way, we were back to our door by 9pm.
A great way to spend another gorgeous day in October as we move through the course of our seasons.

These pics are taken west of Eureka Springs on Hwy 62 overlooking the White River valley, just east of Beaver Lake dam.

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