A Poem for Today

Season of Drought
What does it mean to be dry?
To lose moisture?
To be arid, barren, empty of the water of life?
The negative connotations spring to mind
(spring as in a sudden splash of water from deep in the earth)
The act of swallowing becomes a thoughtful voluntary motion,
potentially dangerous…
To swallow one’s pride. To swallow ones’ words. To swallow ones’ anger.

What are the positive aspects?
A dry vessel is empty – ready to be filled.
A dry landscape is one of mutual dependency of its residents – a cooperative need.
A dry land is always expectant for moisture – grateful for precious rain.
Tears become more treasured,
not to be hoarded but to be loosed- let go.
Weeping becomes a joyous event.
A miracle.
A welcome sign of blessing.
Showers of blessings raining from the heavens-
Dowsing the dusty earth,
tears from a dry land.

— Kathleen Gresham Everett, 2011

remember all content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

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