Misty Gray Day

We had rain last night and the morning has stayed gray. Living near the lake, the difference in the water and air temperatures cause misty and foggy days, especially in the change of seasons in the fall and spring. It makes the stillness and quiet of the autumn days part of the character of the season.
The chipmunks are busy. I find the leftovers of acorn dinners in little piles on my walks. Their rustling can be heard from across the cove – sound travels here and even more so on these soft gray days.
They bark out at each other- standing on their hind legs or peering from the edge of a stone. The shrill chirp, a warning or call or maybe just saying hello. They may be telling the family to make ready the dens – fill the larders with acorns and sunflower seeds from my feeders. Winter is fast approaching. The days will be filled with hard work until the cold sets in – another day in the course of our seasons.

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