A Parliament of Owls

Each morning for the last few weeks, in the early hours before sunrise, I have heard faint owl calls. We have many native owls, but here at the house, they are rarely heard. The temperatures have cooled and the sound carries so, that it is hard to know how far away they are.
When we lived in the Arkansas Ozarks, we had an old 1880 farmhouse and seven acres. The acreage was in meadow and deciduous stands of native trees. A perfect spot for owls of all species and they would hoot chorus after chorus of owl song for us every night.
In my book, The Course of Our Seasons, the poem Sycamores ends with the lines:
And soon, a parliament of owls
Convene in the moonlight
I miss that sound and welcome the faint calls I hear early in the morning before the dawn.

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