Early Morning Alarm

Well, it will get your attention. And before I go on, everything is fine.
The smoke alarm went off very early this morning, which set off much more activity than usually takes place at 4:30am in our little abode. 911 was called and I woke Mom up just in case we needed to get her outside. My husband started looking for the cause of the smoke and check for any chargers that had over heated. We couldn’t find anything and the haze began to clear. So we waited.
We heard the fire truck coming down the ridge. Ours is a volunteer fire department, so all these guys in the helmets and gear are our neighbors. They come on fire calls and medical emergencies and any other reason someone might need help and call 911. Our first responders are the same neighbors, trained to be there before the ambulance can make its way down the long trail. They take time to train and be certified. They are called out many times at night for many different reasons. Sometimes they save a life and sometimes they save a home, just like they did for us 2 years ago, when we had a flue fire.
They are our local heroes and we depend on them.
So anyway, they brought in the heat detecting thingy and checked everywhere for hot spots. After the thorough search of the whole house, inside and out, the concensus was that it was the furnace kicking on for the first time.
OK, don’t laugh. Just think what you will do if that smoke alarm blares at 4am. And by the way, check those batteries in your alarms and make sure they are working. They save lives.

As we move into fall and the temperatures cool, its just part of the course of our seasons!

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