Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Autumn is a season of abundance. Traditionally, at the equinox, the harvest is coming in and the larders are full for the winter season. It is a time to share meals with friends and family. Create an autumn supper to celebrate the change of seasons. Make a hearty vegetable soup and serve with great bread. Bake an apple pie for dessert. See my previous post for a easy and delicious recipe!
It is a time to think about all the abundance in our own lives. Many times it is just semantics – there is a big difference between “We have enough” to “We have plenty”. My dad would say that there is always room for one more hog at the trough. We always have plenty to give, if not a meal, then a kind word or a helpful act.
There is so much abundance in our lives if we will just take a moment to realize it and then know that we have plenty to share.

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