The Morning Fog

We have finally had rain after a long dry summer. Not as bad as Texas, but it was a record dry spell for this region.
But, it has rained. In fact, it rained all weekend long, maybe as much as 5 inches. Now the ground is saturated and the creeks are running again. The small creek beds are beautiful, filled will soft, rounded gravel and rocks, glistening in varied colors. The frogs and salamanders welcome this moisture again after tucking into the soil to wait out the hot summer.
So this morning was foggy – the lake temperature was warmer than the cool morning air. The cedar trees were dripping with the foggy droplets as the hummingbirds bathed in the branches. It was quiet and dark and beautiful. Another day in the course of our seasons, here in the Ozarks, on a foggy September morning.

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