Hordes of Hummers

I am sitting on the screened in porch, looking east across to our little cove, trying to think of something to write.

But there is so much noise that I cannot concentrate! There are entirely too many hummingbirds! The cedar trees are filled with the little rioters. Must be at least 60 swooping through the air, chittering and chirping, their wings whirring.  Could be we are having swarms move through on their way to their winter home in Costa Rico. I don’t think we have had a late hatch – have had 2 already this summer.

So I will make more sugar water and fill up the feeders. We have three big feeders and there were weeks this summer that we filled them 3 and 4 times a DAY. That is a lot of sugar!

We are always sad to see these little jeweled birds go – all are on their way by the middle of October. I leave one feeder out for a while – just in case there is a slow poke straggler.

Then the feeders are cleaned and put away til next Spring – another cycle in the course of our seasons!

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