Apple Pie Recipe

Made a great apple pie from a recipe in the September  2011 Southern Living magazine.

The cast iron skillet is the key and it looks so great when you pull it out of the oven. The flavor reminds me more of apple dumplings than apple pie.

And isn’t that aroma wonderful? Better than some apple pie candle or air freshener!  Of course, the best part is sharing the pie with friends and family. Our friends from Tulsa were here last Sunday- a beautiful September day. They had a friend with them who had been in the Joplin tornado. His story was heart wrenching and it is truly unbelievable that he is alive. His hip had been crushed so he will have a long time to recuperate before he is back to full strength. He is grateful that his son wasn’t hurt badly, but they lost everything. Nothing was left standing but the door jam of the closet where he took refuge.

I was happy to share this pie with him and our friends on the porch in the late afternoon sun as he told his story. I was grateful for the kindness of our friends that shared their weekend at the lake with him.

So try this pie and share it with someone – listen to their story and enjoy a September afternoon in the sun.

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