Life in the Ozarks

After living in many beautiful areas in the country, Texas, northern New Jersey, Colorado, to name a few, I found that there is no area more beautiful than the Ozarks. As beautiful, maybe, but not more so. Its steep ridges and deep hollers, fresh creeks and streams, the variety of trees and wildflowers are a daily source of wonder and delight.

The wildlife is abundant. In my yard, this morning, were cardinals, dove, chickadees, nuthatches, more hummingbirds that I can count, crows, red headed sapsucker, goldfinches, house finches, 4 mallard hens,  at least five small gray squirrels and a couple of chipmunks.

We see white tail deer and wild turkey almost every day and have a bobcat family on the ridge. We hear coyote singing at night and occasionally will see wild pigs and red fox too.

We are moving into early fall here in the Ozarks. The temps are starting to cool off and we can finally open our windows to the north breeze. It has been so dry it is hard to say if we will have any color in the woods this year. But we are always guaranteed at least a few of those perfect autumn days – those days where you fall in love all over again with the Ozarks.

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