summer morning magic

Solstice sunrise 2014

morning clouds smooth out the blued eyed sky
shaking out the nights wrinkled sheets of stars
and wandering constellations
lifting the heavy white curtains
of fragrant lilies
sending their fresh washed scent
across the dawning day
humid haze catches the mist
and the swallows hovering over the still water
in the summer meadow
dew spangled webs
glisten in the crystal light
soon invisible
the magic of a summer morning

Morning in the June Garden

June Daylilies 2

June Daylilies

June Garden 2014

June Garden in the morning

June Garden 2

June Garden with Mr Toad

It’s a beautiful morning nearing the end of June – and the garden has gotten that lived in look.
The Columbine have gone to seed, the seed was harvested (could have used a combine they were so thick!) and the spent plants are cut back.

Now, mostly cool greens of different shades and textures will dominate the garden for the rest of the summer. But there will always be spots of color- and at the moment, the day-lilies are taking the stage. I love their form and sparkling colors – and we have one variety that gives the sweetest scent in the evening.

I have a few cosmos and larkspur showing up from seed broadcast last summer – one never knows what will or won’t do. And a friend planted love in the mist in her garden – so delicate and charming a plant – I will have to try those next year. (What?!! – already dreaming of next years garden!smiles)

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of summer in a garden – wishing you joy and peace – K

Hymn of the Ozarks

May sunrise

Ancient continental spine
her land deep rutted, hollows
cut deep, retreating from steep ridges,
above ageless streams and rivers.
She is my home
Not born but adopted
child of hard scrabble rockfilled ridges
and deep green spring cooled hollows.
I have felt her heartbeat
from the instant my foot touched
her hard soil
and my eyes saw
a color not known until that day -
the blueness
of her October sky.
I was beckoned as if I knew her
and my soul was drawn to this promised land.
She is my home, ancient and new,
from her craggy stone breast
and fragrant sassafras woods
she calls me-
blood deep.

Subset of Morning 4


    deep gray clouds huddle low on the ridge
    darkling mist clings to the treetops
    tarnished silver morning

    extravagant yellow dawn pours across the cove
    spilling rich sunlight onto the water
    golden coin morning

    cold rain lashes the bare shivering trees
    tiny rivulets run across the gray bark
    deep pewter morning

    deep orange sun forms on the hot horizon
    casting the molten clouds
    bronzed statue morning

    pale blue sky filled with bright clear sun
    and slender crescent moon
    sterling silver morning

    navy blue sky slams against the dark ridge
    sledged with hard thunder and strong lightning
    cold steel morning