there are days
that counting your blessings
takes a bit longer
dwelling on the good
out of the difficult
the smiles
after tears
the relaxation of strained backs
after a long day

it takes a while
to remember the day
could have been different
and grief’s shade
could be shadowing our doorway

but the beautiful angel passed over
our marked lintel

and, for a while,
we are whole
and together

*** Counting my blessings today and among those are you, dear reader, for your kindness and thoughtful notes holding us up. Mom is better, still very weak, but better. We have a someone now who will stay with her while I am at work and the family is coming in every weekend to give us help and time away. So after several weeks, we are counting blessings with each new day.

Ordinary Time, the Last Sunday of August

sassafras leaves

cool morning breeze
plays a quiet tune thru the windchimes
Sunday morning hymn
blue jays
shouting from cedar top to cedar top
first golden leaves
gently fall to the ground
Sunday morning offertory
meadow grasses
golden and heavy with seed
bowing in the morning breeze
Prayers of thanksgiving
late summer drought
brings the first color of autumn
sassafras leaves & sheaves of sumac


its those goat feet and those blackberries
its those moments when reading your poetry





it is the numinous certainty
of the world as you see it and I see it

its your heart that make these worlds open
those words
trapped in golden amber, hardened
filled with manifest moments
of love and fear

I can see more clearly
that world,
that one word,
the pearl of great value
I can feel on my tongue
until its nacre dissolves
as a flame on my lips
and I speak those words
blackberry, blackberry, blackberry

*** I have been reading E.E. Cummings, as well as many other poets in the past few weeks – Robert Hass’ beautiful poetry – his Meditations at Lagunitas is one of my favorites.


fall - flowers2

The heat scours the landscape
and the humidity wraps itself in my hair,
creating damp ringlets against my neck.
The rustle of desiccated leaves,
scratching the dry itch
of the hot southern breeze,
is all that’s left of the garden.
Rooms remain darkened,
shades pulled
against the late afternoon sun,
with only the sound of the ceiling fan
in the drowsy halflight.

It is August
and the summer has been long.

waxing and waning

Crescent Moon and Venus 8-2012

Up before wrensong,
the crescent moon and I whisper
so as not to wake the day.

She in her nightgown and I in mine,
we sit on the porch
in the cool air of early dawn.

And she listens.

I tell her of my fears-
numbering my inadequacies,
trembling in my regret,
tears flow freely
as the early morning dew.

With her sweet comforting smile,
she tells of her birth -
new moon to slim crescent,
waxing to full, rounded glory
to only wane past gibbous
into the palest slip of light
to be welcomed into the dark womb
of restful night.

Waxing and waning,
we each sigh
as the dawning sun
and the wren greet the day.

seasons change

Autumn on the lake

August heat rises into the cedar,
releasing their fragrant resinous perfume.
Cicadas hum in drowsy waves,
leaving the afternoon nodding .

Light has changed in late summer.
The casting of shadows and lots
conjure the last heat of the season
with hints of the coming autumn.

Her blood pressure rises and falls
with the changing of the trees-
their leaves have turned with a suddenness,
catching us all off guard

We wake to her breathing in the early dark.
The earth’s slight tilt spins the light
later each morning, rousing her
into this dreaming world once again.

From Spring’s promise to Winter’s frailty,
we hold each season fast to our hearts-
with breath and blood, light and leaves,
we witness her passing.

*** For dVerse Meeting the Bar. May be a bit trite – the changing of life and the seasons – but it is my reality now. Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers for Mom. She is holding her own. K

I dreamt a boat…

Florida Sunrise

I dreamt a boat of wood and peg
Set sail on a glassy sea.
Its hull so course it would not slip
Into the water free.
Its mast cast o’er the waters edge
And would not wind receive.
It left me there not far from shore
Against the coraled reeves.

Come save me, sir! I called ashore,
And let me walk with you once more.
But turning from my gaze, you left,
To sail alone heartbroken, bereft.

My tiller strikes the freshening wind
Catching sails billowing to send
This pale ship gliding from cloud to moon
To drift away in sky festooned
By starry lights aglowing.

So I set sail in celestial light
Tacking my vessel into the welcome night,
Set free in cresting waves of foam
To sail to my final gleaming home.