worry stones

rubbing the worry stones
until my bones wear
down to the contour of the river
stones rubbed smooth
set into the shore
filling in the bank
where the heron watches
and the beaver take
the young saplings
tender and pliant

I was once that green
and could bend like the willows
weeping at the edge of the water
their tears filling
the deep blue holes
where the old catfish hide

April- to do list

To do list

Birdsong (alarm clock with no snooze)
Shower and dress (consider the lilies)
Meditation (breath is everything)
Lose Patience (gain perspective)
Meet auctioneer (commerce and its downside)
Picnic (a loaf, a jug and thou)
Deposit cash in bank (commerce and its upside)
Move snapping turtle (fellow traveler)
Pay bills (choreography of need)
Walk hill (mother and child)
Spy tadpoles (demi-gods of change)
Find Hope (interruption of grace)
Weed azalea bed (enlightenment then weeding)
Dinner (nourishing body and soul)
Starlight (nightlight)
Frog chorus (lullaby)
Sleep (perchance to dream)

a song for all of us

Sing for your supper and sing thru your pain
Sing for the little girl that lives down the lane
Sing for the clouds and the waving oak trees
Sing for the flowers and the busy buzzing bees
Sing a song of courage for those that pay the cost
Sing a song for the wanderers who always seem so lost
Sing a song for little children in all their innocent ways
Sing a song of long winter nights and bright spring days
Sing for the sad and sing for the poor
Sing for the dead who don’t worry anymore
Sing for the lovers and sing for the saints
Sing for the good and for all of us who ain’t

soap on the water

Concentric rings 2

‘Go wash, little children!’
And grabbing the Ivory soap,
we would head for the river.
Stripping down to our underwear,
jumping from the old wooden dock
into the cold crystal water,
we scrubbed and splashed
until we were slick as eels.
Dunking our soapy heads,
we burst to the surface-
water nymphs at play.
Finally, climbing back up
to lie drying in the sun,
basking like old hound dogs,
until we heard her call-
‘Time for supper, little children!’
And pulling on shorts and t-shirts
we ran from the river,
glistening like catfish.

april wood

dogwoods 5

at the insistence of dusk
stars spark along the ridge top
torches of ancient suns
lighting the evening paths of fox and hare
old oak shadows
stretch, reaching for twilights embrace
dissolving into the darkling night
as the trees take up a low chant, shaking
winter weariness from their spring fired blood
ridgetop to ridgetop
the bonfires of spring awaken
bright lamps of bloom ignite in the silver starlight
illuminating the april wood

sunday morning moments

sunday morning reflections 2014

wavering reflection/ dawns light on the water/ prayers of thanksgiving

sound of trumpets/ wild geese overhead /processional hymn

echoing across the cove/ tiny wrens warbling song/ call to worship

frothy white pear blossoms/ peek out from the woods/ little girls in church

small brown chipmunk/ perched on the gray stone wall/ morning meditations

small fishing boats/ bobbing in the morning cove/ gestures of faith

across the warming meadow/ cacophony of birdsong/ sunday morning choir practice

morning wakes/ shrouded in gray mist/ prayers of intercession

quiet murmuring/ pale gray doves in the cedars/ lenten prayers

from the cedar tops/ blue jays call/ shouts of acclamation

cold wind ruffles the morning cove/ sound of waves against the rocky shore/ prayers of the penitent

from the cold winter garden/ bright golden trumpets of daffodils/ intrusion of grace

*** This is the scene that greeted me this morning as I was filling the birdfeeders – such a glorious sky and reflections – hope you have a beautiful day